Google Tests Different Colors For Stars Ratings In Search Results

Google logooo 370x229Google is in the middle of testing a variety of colors for their yellow/orange star reviews in the web, as well as their local search results.  As you probably know, when you’re looking at Google’s search results, and you’re looking specifically at local query results, there could be a rating for a search result in the form of five star ratings.  The stars will be in an orange or gold color.  I’m sure we’re all familiar with this current set up.  But now, Google is expanding on this by including different colors, which include green, gray, blue, red and bright yellow.

If the tests go well, this could help make it easier to tell how good something is aside from just counting the number of stars.  It’ll be easier to differentiate between ratings by color.  Basically, it’s easier on the eyes to tell apart ratings.

Here are some screenshots by Rubén Gómez:

Google green stars Google yellow stars Google gray stars Google red stars Google blue stars Original Source by