Google Tests Mobile Friendly Notices With Text Version

Some of us noticed a few weeks back that a few weeks ago that Google began testing mobile-friendly icons in the mobile search results next to any site that was mobile-friendly.  This could have been meant to give a little extra incentive to web developers and webmasters to create a mobile-friendly site, or who practiced good mobile-friendly site etiquette.

Now, as of yesterday, Google was playing around with non mobile-friendly icons in the mobile search results.  Basically, they were placing icons next to those sites that weren’t mobile-friendly in the eyes of Google in a way to get these sites to get with the times and become more mobile aware.

 of Search Engine Land spotted Google testing the carrot approach, but instead of seeing an icon next to a mobile-friendly site, they used the text phrase “mobile-friendly” next to the URL in the search results.

Google text mobile friendly icon


At this point, it’s clear that Google is definitely trying to move forward with labeling sites that are either friendly or not friendly to mobile sites on the mobile search results.

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