Google began rolling out multifaceted featured snippets in the mobile search results earlier this year.  Google is now testing showing multifaceted featured snippets in the desktop search results as well.

Multifaceted featured snippets are going to be surfaced for queries that are sufficiently broad enough to allow for more than one interpretation of what was submitted.  When this happens, the search results returned are going to include more than one featured snippet, with the original query rewritten as the questions the algorithm thinks the user could have intended.  The results shown in the multifaceted snippet will reflect these new questions.

The reason Google is showing these particular snippets is because not every query put to Google by users are clear.  In this case, giving a searcher a single answer to an unclear query that can have at least one answer is dangerous.  Google will be able to give searchers two answers by giving different ways to understand the query.

The following is a screen shot from when it was launched on mobile:

Google is also testing showing these multifaceted featured snippets on desktop search results as well.  There are some tweets that showcase the test:

By showing this type of featured snippet, this could be a big thing for a website.  By appearing in a featured snippet, it can drive a significant amount of traffic to a site from Google Search.  But if multiple featured snippets are displayed in a single search result, that can impact how much traffic a website would get from Google.  That’s why it’s important to keep a look out on how featured snippets change on either desktop or mobile

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