Last week, it was confirmed by Google that they were testing a new mobile interface and a new search refinement button.  This new interface for search shows fewer search results on the mobile search results page, with the option to click a button that’s labeled “more results.”  Not only that, Google is testing showing buttons to refine your search directly in the search results snippets.

A Google spokesperson said, “We constantly experiment with new search formats and experiences to deliver the best experience for our users.”

Dan Brackett shared screen shots on Twitter, but there are others who are began noticing these new tests as well.

The following is a screen shot shows the “more results” link, which Google often shows as few as two or three organic results.  You will have to click on the “more results” link, and Google dynamically loads more search results below.

As you can see, there are refinements at the top of the screen shot above. Here is another screen shot of these refinements directly in what is called a featured snippet.

Google was testing both of these for at least a few weeks, and more searchers are starting to notice it.

This is just a test.  It’s not known if or when Google is going to release this to a wider set of test users or everyone.

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