There was a new Google test that was spotted by Ryan Rodden where Google is showing an embedded video at the top of the search results that jumps directly to a portion of a video, a specific time found within the video, when you click play.  It looks like the feature will be named “suggested clip,” and it’s possible to trigger these for how-to-type queries.

Check out Ryan’s screen shot below:

Although it can be difficult to see video answers in search results in these days since Google is displaying the text-based featured snippets, it’s still possible to trigger some video answers in Google.

I think we all get frustrated when we watch video answers when we have to wait for the person to make their introduction before they finally get to the solution, but with the “suggested clip,” you can skip the introduction and jump directly to the portion of the video with the answer.

I was able to replicate this video answer when I tried it.

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