If you saw the Search Engine Land report last month, Google is going to sunset some reports within the Google Search Console.  The company announced that many of these reports will redirect from the old to the new Google Search Console on December 13.

Google wants to reduce duplication efforts of maintaining to similar reports, since having the old and new Google Search Console is redundant.  Basically, we’ll see the Search Analytics, Links to Your Site, Internal Links, Manual Actions, Mobile Usability and Index Status reports  redirected to the new Google Search Console equivalents.

There are two notices when you visit one of the old reports.  One in red at the top of other page, and a pop up in the middle of the page.

An example of the Google Search Console notices

Currently, Google is only removing reports that have replacements in the new version of the Google Search Console.  This means that, in some cases, you’ll have to learn how to use a new report or change your day-to-day routine and use the new report over the old one.  According to Google, you should be able to get the data you want from the new reports.

Just make sure this happens by December 13.

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