Google To Sunset Webmaster Tools API Version One On April 20th

Google webmaster tools logo Recently, Google announced that the original Webmaster tools API released back in 2008 will finally put out to pasture, or no longer operational as of April 20, 2015.

Google revamped the new version of the Webmaster Tools API late last year, but there was something mysteriously missing from the first version…the keyword data from the content report.  The newest API still is devoid of that data and the tools using that data won’t be to get that data directly from any Webmaster Tools API any more.

Google is offering a work around for this lack of directly supported data by saying that you can use Python, Java or OACurl scripts/codes.  There is a script that you can download your keyword/queries data by using this Python script at any time but it won’t be coming from their API any time soon.

You can access the new Webmaster Tools API over here.

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