A new type of knowledge panel is being rolled out by Google in the UK, which will display information from the National Health Service (NHS) directly in search results.

This means that UK searchers can get answers to their health-related queries faster. This is good news, considering the outbreak of COVID-19.

In an announcement, Google states:

“Now, we’re making it even easier for people in the U.K. to find trusted information from the National Health Service (NHS). Beginning this week, when you search for health conditions like chickenpox, back pain, or the common cold, you can find Knowledge Panels with information from the NHS website that help you understand more about common causes, treatments and more.”

These knowledge panels are currently available for over 250 health conditions.

Although the information can be found on the NHS website itself, with the information also being found on the knowledge panels, it is an easier way of getting it.

Google has added a disclaimer that information in search results is no substitute for medical advice, and if you have a medical concern, go see a doctor.

SourceMatt Southern