google-shopping-policy-new-preview-feb2016For all of those using Google Shopping, this news is for you.  Google’s Shopping Policy Center will be getting an update in February of 2016.


A you can see from the image above, the version is in preview for the moment.  Google announced the change in a Merchant Center help page,  In that page, the new Policy Center is going to provide the following:


  • Fewer and simpler Shopping policies.
  • More transparency into why we have each policy.
  • More insight into how a policy can affect your ads.
  • Aligned across our advertising products.

Below, you’ll see the current Google Shopping Policy Center:


On a positive note, most advertisers are gong to be affected by the changes.  But regardless, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the updated version to make sure you remain in compliance.

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