google-toolbar-pagerankA year ago, back in October of 2013, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s search spam, implied that we probably won’t be seeing another Google Toolbar PageRank update before the years end.  Well, it seemed that Matt shot himself in the foot when he said that, because a few months later in December of the same year, Google updated the Toolbar PageRank.  Of course, there hasn’t been a single bit of news, or updates for that matter, on the Toolbar PageRank.

Google’s John Mueller had this to say during a Google Webmaster Hangout video, “We will probably not going to be updating it

[PageRank] going forward, at least in the Toolbar PageRank.”

You can find this quote at the 20:30 mark in the video, in which you can find in the above link, or in the embedded video below, which ever you prefer.

 So unless John pulls a Matt Cutts and shoots himself in the foot as well, I think we can safely assume that the Toolbar PageRnak is going nowhere fast, and that it will finally be going belly up for good.

Original Source by Barry Schwartz