Google-Accelerated-Mobile-PagesThere are some new features and capabilities that have been added to Google Translate recently, which includes third party app integration, improved and expanded offline mode and visual Word Lens) translation for Chinese languages.

The main feature of this update is called “Tap to Translate,” which avoids the need to copy text from on app or page and paste it into Google Translate to get the meaning.  This can now be accomplished without having to switch between apps.

All you need to do is have the latest version of Google Translate installed on your device.  Then, all you have to do is use select/copy the desired text and a Google Translate window will pop up i the current app, which enables translation.


This particular capability even works offline when your device doesn’t have a connection.  Offline mode is also available for iOS devices.


Google has even added Chinese translation to its Word Lens “instant visual translation” capability.  This feature uses the camera to translate on the object or signage itself.

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