google-thumbWith election news swarming around us all lately, it’s not surprising that the amount of users searching for election news online is higher than usual as we inch closer to the Presidential election.  Because of this, Google has added a new tool to its set of voting features with the launch of the Google Trends Election Hub.

Google’s new site, which is offering a deep look into this year’s election-related search trends across America, offers real-time reports on president and vie president candidate search queries.  not only that, the site shows off search data that centers around political issues by state and county.

When you hop over to the home page for the Google Election Trends Hub, you’ll find links to each of the presidential candidates to see search trends by state along with a list of related queries.

There is a chart graphing national search interest in each candidate over the previous week that can be found on the hub’s home page, as well as voter registration searches, links to daily state-by-state search interests, and the top election issues-related searches by state during the last week.


You’ll even find charts that graph the number of “vot for

[presidential candidate]” searches during the past week, and searches for “how to vote,” which Google reports is at a its highest rate ever.

The Google Election Hub even includes county-level data, which is a first for Google: “For instance, while the economy is the most searched issue on average across the swing state of Florida, immigration is more searched in southern counties in the state.”

Google has added a YouTube election map that shows how many people are witching Trump videos versus Trump videos by state.


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