google-thumbIt appears that Google is testing removing the estimated number of results found for a specific search query from the top of the search results.  On a normal day, if you do a Google search, you’ll be shown the “about” number of results Google found that matched that query.

Google has been testing removing that on some of their interface tests.  Here are some shared screen shots by Derek Edmond that was shared with  on Twitter that shows how it was removed from his view.

The first image shows how it normally looks:

Google number removal 1

Here’s what it looks like without the number:
Google number removal 2

This sort of test comes as no surprise as Google is constantly testing new and different types of interfaces, and for this one, it’s not clear if Google will choose to permanently remove this number in the future.  According to Google, these estimates are simply that, they are estimates.  They shouldn’t be used for accurate reporting.

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