twitter googleYou all know about Facebook’s “Instant Articles” and Apple’s News app, right?  Well, it looks like they’ll be getting a little bit of competition.

According to Recode, publishers will be given a better way to display stories on mobile phones, all thanks to a partnership between Google and Twitter.  In the Recode story, multiple sources were cited saying that there was a feature that would almost immediately show articles to people who tapped on a link in Twitter or within Google search results.

In this day and age where everybody is impatient to get their content fix, online businesses are doing what they can to deliver things faster and faster than before.  This is why Google and Twitter are working together to bring content to the user faster on mobile devices.

While Facebook and Apple are hosting content created by publishers on their own respective platforms, Google and Twitter are planning on taking another route.  In this case, readers will be shown stories from cached pages from publishers’ web sites.

Unlike Facebook and Apple though, readers will see ads in the instant version.

The Google-Twitter effort is also open source, which leads to the hope that other tech companies will adopt the format.  This effort is expected to launch in the fall with a small group of publishers.

Read more details at Recode.

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