google-adwords-redwhite-1920For users of the Android version of the AdWords app, you might have noticed that there has been some new updates released this week.  We’ve got a short breakdown of these updates.

One of the updates adds video campaigns, which reflects the change in the AdWords interface.  Now, advertisers will be able to see video campaign metrics, which includes views, impressions and view rates with reporting scorecards.  You’ll also be able to make bid and budget adjustments in those campaigns as well.

The second update is pretty small, but it adds a little convenience.  If you are trying to add an existing account to the app, you’ll be taken straight to the Google sign-in.  This makes the setup process feel a lot faster.

The AdWords app first launched back in March, and has slowly been gaining functionality ever since.  More performance data and billing information was added in August.

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