Google-Logo-plain-featuredToday, the Google Webmaster blog has been  updated by Google Webmaster Trends Analysts, Pierre Far and Zineb Ait Bahajji about the official guidelines for moving your website with Google in mind as you’re doing it.

With the updated material, the process was broken up into two ways of moving your site.

1.  Moving your site without a URL change

2.  Moving your site, as well as having a change in the URL

When dealing with the first option where there isn’t any change in the URL, this usually takes place when you’re upgrading the content management system of the site to a new platform, and at the end of the entire process, you retain the same domain and URLs.  In the end, you are moving the site to a new hosting company.

There is the second part of it where the name of the URL changes, whether it is a simple protocol URL, a domain name change, or a URL path name change.  According to Google, they have “seen cases where webmasters implemented site moves incorrectly, or missed out steps that would have greatly increased the chances of the site move completing successfully.”  Since there are those out there who don’t implement their site movies correctly, they’ve upgraded their content in their aforementioned guidelines to help them along the way.

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