google-logo-874x288As I’ve said before, Google never seems to sleep.  They’re always coming up with something new for one of their services or for search.  In this case, Google has given their mobile app an upgrade today.  The search engine company has announced that there are some new voice commands that have made their appearance today that are specific to travel planning.

With this new update, the app has gotten smarter when it comes to your location.  Now the mobile app can tell if you’re at a hotel as an example, and you can complete actions by voice, which will let you get directions as part of your continued conversation with the app.

Below are the new features explained on Google’s blog post:

Step 1 — Find a spot for dinner. Just say, “Ok Google, show me restaurants near my hotel” — et voilà, you’ll get a selection to choose from. (You don’t even need to remember your hotel name, as long as your hotel reservation is saved in your Gmail, so Google has something to work with.) Is your date dessert crazy? Quickly make sure the restaurant has a good selection by just asking “Ok Google, show me the menu for the first one.”

Step 2 — Make a reservation. When you’ve found the restaurant you like, you can just say: “Ok Google, make a reservation there for 7 p.m.” If the restaurant is on OpenTable, you’ll see a reservations screen pop up with the details already filled out – no need waste those precious moments on hold with a restaurant.

Step 3 — Once the bill is paid and you’ve set your napkin down, find the perfect place for that after-dinner Manhattan. Just say “Ok Google, show me some bars near here” then follow up with a simple “give me directions to the first one.” You’ll be good to go.

Step 4 — Don’t fret the small stuff. The Google app can help you with the rest of your trip, too. Get reminders on where to pick up your rental car or (if you’re really getting away) when it’s time to leave to catch your flight. (It’ll even give you alternate options should your flight be delayed or canceled.) You might see your hotel reservation pop up as you walk out of the airport, get a notification about your dinner reservation—and even fun spots to explore and take photos.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen either on tv, on online ads (via YouTube or otherwise) that advertise for the OK Google feature of their mobile search campaign.