Google Voice Search Easter Egg Unlocks “Cheat Mode”

Konami code Do you play video games in your spare time?  Are you a video game old timer?  If so, you may recognize an old this cheat code, “Up, Up, Down Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.”  Sound like part of the old Konami code?  If so, you’d be right.

We know Google is infamous for creating a ton of fun little Easter eggs for people to have fun with.  Googler Pierre Far has uncovered another fun Google Easter Egg for us to enjoy that opens up “Unlimited free Google searches” for everyone.  This would not be the first video game reference found in Google’s search engine either.  Do you remember the “Do a barrel roll” Easter egg?  Yup.  That was a quote from another famous game called Star Fox.

We’ve included a video of the cheat in action, so check it out.  What will they come up with next?