google-logo-874x288Are you a developer or a webmaster who has already deployed App Indexing on your Android apps?  If so, Google has probably asked you to join a beta testing program that will allow you to test out and preview new features that are being worked on.

John Mueller of Google had this to say on on Google+, “we’re looking for some more people to try out things around App-Indexing.” “If you have an app that’s set up for App-Indexing, and want to try things out, we’d love to hear from you,” John added.

You can participate by filling out the Google form over here.

In order to participate, there’s a non disclosure agreement that forbids you from talking about the new features with other people.

Google has been pushing App Indexing in the mobile search results now promoting Android apps in Google search on android devices for even apps not installed on the device as part of the mobile friendly Google update.

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