Danny Sullivan, Google’s search liaison, asked the SEO community on Twitter what changes they would like to see in the Google search results interface and links. Sullivan asked what do SEOs dream about when it comes to “how Google displays listings.”

What sort of feed back is Google looking for?

Sullivan gave these examples:

  • More control over titles?
  • Sitelinks?
  • Things we don’t do that you’d want?
  • What you’d do with markup or other ways to help?

If you’re looking to give some feedback, there is a number of suggestions from the SEO community.  If you have any ideas or thoughts on the way Google displays search results upsets you, you’ll be able to give Google your thoughts.

In order to give them your feedback, go to the above tweet and click reply.  You are able to reply several times, with multiple ideas and you can attach mages and videos of your suggestions.

In the end, nobody knows what will come of the suggestions that you give to Google.  But at least the company is trying to listen.

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