google-analytics-logosurvey was posted by Google that asks webmasters if they’d like to see the Google Search Console all you to combine your sites in order to compare the data.

Two examples were given as to how it could work.  You can either:

1.  View a combined Search Analytics report that includes different URL versions of your site (http and https)


2.  view a combined Search Analytics report that will include different subdomains (mobile and international subdomains).

IT seems that these aren’t the only options, as they can be used for other purposes.

In the survey, it asks, “if Search Console allowed you to group together sites to view a combined report, would you use it?”

The answers include:

  • No
  • Yes, I’d use it to combine different URL versions of my site (i.e. https/http and www/non-www)
  • Yes, I’d use it to track my subdomains (i.e. desktop/mobile sites and international subdomains)
  • Yes, I’d use it to track my entire brand (i.e. all subdomains and apps)
  • Other

Take the survey now to give Google your two cents.

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