Google Warns Against Misusing Links In Syndication & Large-Scale Article Campaigns

On May 25th, Google released a warning for anybody who is distributing or  publishing content through syndication or other large-scale means – be careful with your links!

On their post, Google is reminding those who are creating content published in multiple places that could end up violating Google’s rules against link schemes.

In an article found on Search Engine Land, and written by , he talks about article distribution and links, and the warnings that Google is handing out to content publishers.

From the post:

Google does not discourage these types of articles in the cases when they inform users, educate another site’s audience or bring awareness to your cause or company. However, what does violate Google’s guidelines on link schemes is when the main intent is to build links in a large-scale way back to the author’s site …

For websites creating articles made for links, Google takes action on this behavior because it’s bad for the Web as a whole. When link building comes first, the quality of the articles can suffer and create a bad experience for users.

[Read the full article on Search Engine Land]

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