On the morning of June 28, Google released its 2017 webspam report.  According to the metrics, there were improvements from last year’s report in several areas.

As an example, Google said that less than 1 percent of searchers ended up visiting a spammy website from the Google search results.  It took just a couple of years to reduce that figure by half.

Google was able to reduce the number of hacked websites from showing in the results by 80 percent, as well as cut link spam by almost have in search. As was covered recently, the number of Search Console notifications was 9 million the year before, and now, has dropped to 6 million.

According to Google, the company’s spam teams have “doubled down” on removing unnatural links using algorithms and “scalable” manual actions.

The following points are some of the highlights from the report:

  • Less than 1 percent of sites visited from search results are spammy — and that’s been the case “for many years”.
  • There was an 80 percent reduction of hacked sites in search results.
  • Google doubled down on removing unnatural links via algorithms and manual actions.
  • Link spam reduction year over year dropped by almost half.
  • 90,000 user reports of search spam were acted on.
  • 45 million messages were sent to registered website owners via Search Console.
  • Six million of these messages are related to manual actions.

For more details, check out the Google blog post.

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