google-logooo-370x229Google has once again decided to update their webmaster guidelines, this time taking aim at “low-quality” blog posts.  To be specific, they are targeting those blog posts that follow the little or no original content guideline.  Google added to this particular part of their guidelines that”low-quality guest blog posts” is an example of “scraped content.”

The change seems to be focused on Google’s battle with guest blogging and posting with only the intention of link building.  It was said that guest blogging was done (by Google’s  head of search spam) for SEO purposes.

Ever since Google declared war on guest blogging, they’ve penalized a number of guest blogging networks.  It looks like Google will continue to target low-quality guest blogging that is means to alter and manipulate their search results.

Here are a couple screen shots that show the before and after.








Google Webmaster Guidelines Update Calls “Low Quality Guest Blog Posts” Spam