google-logo-874x288In an announcement made by Google’s Gary Illyes on Google+, the Google Webmaster Trends Analyst team wants to observe you and your company, all while you’re doing your job.

According to Gary, Google wants to sit with companies, agencies and website owners at their place of work and observe what they are doing, namely “managing their sites’ content and infrastructure.”  It seems that it isn’t just the sites themselves they want to look at, but observing the people involved with them, including “developers, designers, content creators, SEOs, and decision makers.”  The size of the site doesn’t matter.

So you think that something like this could be exciting, but there is one slight hitch.  The business needs to be in either Europe or North Africa.  No other region is included.

Google’s goal behind this is to created an “internal report” that they can use for “improving” their “communication, support, and web-search related products like Webmaster Tools.”

Just to let it be fair, Gary has said that, in exchange for allowing them to observe your business, you would be able to ask them “anything” and they’ll try answering “within reason”.  So no, you probably won’t get the answer to the question, “What are Google’s search algorithms?”

If you’re in Europe or North Africa, and you’re looking to participate, you can fill out this form in the hopes that Google selects you.

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