It feels like it has been forever, but after 14 years, Google Webmasters Central will come to an end, becoming Google Search Central. This news was announced on November 11.

According to Google, here is what they had to say about the name change:

“In brainstorming our new name, we realized that there’s not one term that perfectly summarizes the work people do on websites. To focus more on the topic that we talk about (Google Search), we’re changing our name from “Google Webmasters Central” to “Google Search Central”, both on our websites and on social media. Our goal is still the same; we aim to help people improve the visibility of their website on Google Search. The change will happen on most platforms in the next couple days.”

With the name change, users will also find that some of the Google Webmaster Central Properties will be redirected to the new location as well. This includes:

  • Blog
  • Help forums
  • Guidelines
  • Documentation
  • Social channels
  • and more

The reason behind putting all of the help documentation and blog onto one site is to help improve a user’s website visibility on Google Search.

“Moving forward, the Search Console Help Center will contain only documentation related to using Search Console. It’s also still the home of our help forum, newly renamed from “Webmasters Help Community” to “Google Search Central Community“. The information related to how Google Search works, crawling and indexing, Search guidelines, and other Search-related topics are moving to our new site, which previously focused only on web developer documentation. The content move will happen over the next few days.”

Source – Search Engine Land and Google Webmaster Central Blog