Google Will Disclose “Right To Be Forgotten” Removals

It’s being reported by the Guardian that Google may add an indication in the search results that content has been removed because of of what is required by the European Union last month in the Right To Be Forgotten case.  Google admitted that they will be adding a disclosure in their search results if something has been found removed due to a successful removal via the “Right To Be Forgotten” form.

Frozen online free google search jpg 558×302 Although Google has said they will be doing this, the implementation has yet to happen as of the time of this writing.  But it’s expected that it will take full effect in the near future.

Here’s where we will get a little more specific with some details of the situation.  Although the URLs are removed under the Right To Be Forgotten method, it will still be remembered by Google.  By removing the URL per a user’s request, the URL will go away, but if you go to the bottom of the results, you’ll find out that Google will remember that something was removed, and a message saying so will be put into place.

It’s also possible that Google might provide a link to the site, ChillingEffects.org.  This is a site that deals in other requests of censorship.  On the site, people can learn about what is removed.  Of course, not all the nitty gritty details will be covered, such as names, and URLs, but there’s the possibility that an explanation might be available as to what was removed, or the reason behind the remoal.

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