On April 6 of this year, data-vocabulary.org structured data markup will become ineligible for Google rich result features. The announcement was made on Tuesday, January 21. Sit owners have to convert to the schema.org markup if they want their pages to continue being eligible for Google rich results. 

When April 6 comes around and your pages are still marked up with data-vocabulary.org schema, rich result features for those pages won’t appear any longer. This means that less organic visibility and decreased traffic.

“From January 20 until April 6, any data-vocabulary.org structured data on a web page will trigger a warning for the appropriate rich result type. After April 6, an error will be triggered,” Google wrote on its data anomalies page.  Warning and error messages will appear within Google Search Console.

Site owners can test out live code snippets using Google’s Rich Results Test tool.

If your pages are still using data-vocabulary.org schema for purposes other than rich results, it will still remain valid.

SourceGeorge Nguyen