Google-Maps-ImageThe end is nigh for Panoramio, the geolocation photo site that allows users to upload photos to Google Maps and Google Earth.  Evan Rapoport, a Googler, made this announcement this week.  To replace the need for Panoramio, Google will be migrating photos to their Google Maps Views platform.  Rapoport said in a CNET interview that Panoramio didn’t have a wide enough selection of photos.

“We need to be able to share more than just photos of landscapes and seascapes,” Rapoport told CNET, “Panoramio has done an amazing job, but we need to broaden that.”

At this point, we don’t have any indication as to when Panoramio will close.  But, according to Google, they claimed that “Views reaches a level of feature maturity that supports the needs of the community.”

There does seem to be an issue that is currently on going.  According to a Google Product Forum,there are users who are having issues with their photos not uploading to Views, or being shared on Google Maps.  Once the forum was started by a Google Community Manager to announce photos with locations are shared publicly on Google+ and will appear in Views, a user said that photos aren’t showing up.

Another user said, “I’ve published several images over the past couple of weeks but they haven’t shown up on the map at all.”  On the opposite end of the spectrum, it seems that people who have uploaded photos to their Google+ account that include locations are having  the photos being shared on Google Maps when they never wanted them there to begin with.

Original Source by Amy Gesenhues