Google Will Stop Displaying Emoji Symbols In The Search Results

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Hkc-sad-emojiIf you loved the Emoji symbols found in the Google search results, it’s time to say goodbye to them, as Google is getting rid of them.  But at least there’s a silver lining.  It seems this is only happening to just the desktop search results.

Google started displaying Emojis on desktop search results a few weeks ago, along with other publishers, such as Expedia, who also began to see if adding Emoji symbols to their title tags and snippets would increase their CTR from organic results on Google.

After finding out Google was allowing Emojis in their search results, a number of webmaster started adding emojis to their own titles.  Of course, it became apparent that adding the cute and funny faces and icons to the search results weren’t the best idea, as the Google results were overrun with emojis.

The other day in a Google+ Hangout, Google’s John Mueller said that they are going to be removing them from the search results soon.  If you’re worried that your web pages that include emojis are going to be penalized after Google drops the symbols, don’t worry.  It doesn’t seem anything negative will happen, as the only thing that will happen is Google wills top showing the Emojis in the search results.

To find out where John spoke of this, just look at the 51:30 mark in the video for his response.  According to John, don’t waste your time adding emojis to your pages, they will be dropping them soon.

Original Source by Barry Schwartz

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