google-logoThe folks at Stone Temple Consulting interviewed Gary Illyes the other day, and posted it on YouTube.  One of the questions that was asked of Gary was that concerning SEO certification.  Basically, Gary said that there was discussion at Google (internally) about the idea of adding an SEO certification program.  In short, they decided that it wasn’t going to happen.

Sure, there’s certification for AdWords, display ads, AdSense, Analytics, Google Apps, and the such but when it comes to SEO, Google isn’t going to be offering certification.

So why isn’t Google wanting to accept money from webmasters when it comes to SEO certification is because of the organic search results.  Organic results isn’t something gained through paying money, but effort and work.  Accepting money for certification would feel wrong, Gary implied.  He said that certification and training doesn’t scale all that well, and when it comes to organic search, it’s all about scaling things.

Although Google had talked about SEO certification a number of times, they always came to the same conclusion every time – there will be no SEO certification.

Here is the video embed, which starts at the 55-minute mark:

There was a video made by Matt Cutts back in 2010 that talked about SEO certification, and even back then, Matt explained why it would be difficult to offer such certification:


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