google-mobile-smartphones-blue-ss-1920-800x450Remember how last week Google Maps got into a bit of trouble for being hacked with some racist results in their Google Maps listings?  Google issued a formal apology and said “we’ve started to update our ranking system to address the majority of these searches—this will gradually roll out globally and we’ll continue to refine our systems over time.”

There was a report a few days ago that showed significant local ranking changes within Google, both local web search results, and Google Maps.  Could it be related to a Google Maps Googlebomb fix that they rolled out recently?  Google isn’t saying if the local changes are related to the fix or not.

It’s been noted by Google themselves that there are changes going down, but they aren’t confirming anything.  The search company says that it’s nothing more than the fact they’re always changing things and improving their algorithms.

Yesterday morning, Gary Illyes from Google also confirmed that they are investigating the reports of these local changes.  Nothing more has been said by Google on the matter.

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