Google-Accelerated-Mobile-PagesAccording to Google, they will be soon be launching Google Analytics support for their soon-to-be launched AMP project.

The idea behind AMPs, (which is short for accelerated mobile pages) is to aim at creating web pages that load faster on mobile devices, and was announced last year in October.  After Google announced AMP, it gained support from ad platforms like Outbrain, AOL, OpenX, DoubleClick, and AdSense.


For publishers looking to use AMP to provide an improved user experience, we’ve released Google Analytics measurement capabilities for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP support in Google Analytics makes it easy to identify your best content and optimize your user experience.

–Google Analytics Blog
In the announcement, users are pointed to the AMP website to get started.  Publishers are recommended to use a seperate Google Analytics property to track AMP content.  They explained:
“AMP pages can appear in multiple contexts, including through different syndication caches. Because of that, a single user that visits an AMP version of a page and a HTML version of a page can end up being treated as two distinct users. Using a separate Google Analytics property to measure AMP pages makes it easier to handle these issues.”

What it all comes down to is, once AMP rolls out, Google Analytics will support it from day one.  This way, users can track pageviews, events and custom dimensions.

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