google-eu-200pxIt seems that Google just can’t catch a break in Europe.  Yet another antitrust complaint has been filed against the company them in Europe.  This time, the complaint is geared towards Android and third party app stores.

The Wall Street Journal has an article that claims that Aptoide, a Portuguese company, which offers a Google Play alternative, is saying that Google is blocking third party app stores seeking to compete against the Android app store.

In its complaint, Aptoide claims that Google creates obstacles for users to install third-party app stores onto its Android platform, bundles services that are essential to its operating system with Google Play, and blocks access to Aptoide websites in its Chrome Web browser.

Although nothing has been officially started, the EC has independantly been mulling an antitrust investigation into Android.  But due to this new complaint, it may cause the EC to do a formal investigation into the matter.

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