According to the The Information, Google VP of Core Search Ben Gomes is going to be stepping up to lead all of search as vie president.  The previous person step down from this position was SVP of Engineering John Giannandrea, who was overseeing both the search and AI units.  The single role that was help by Giannandrea previously is being divided between Gnomes and Google Senior Fellow Jeff Dean.  Gnomes will be overseeing search, while Dean is currently overseeing the Google Brain team.  Dean will now be seeing Google Brain and the AI unit at Google.

Jeff Dean’s 19 year history with Google has been important in driving the search giant’s success with its core product.  While at Google, Dean has:

  • Co-designed five successive generations of Google’s crawling indexing and query retrieval systems.
  • Co-designed the initial version of Google’s advertising serving system.
  • Co-designed and implemented MapReduce.
  • Co-designed and implemented BigTable.
  • … and Google Translate, Google AdSense for Content, Google News, Spanner and more.

Gnomes, during his 18 years at Google, has been an integral part of the Google Search team, as there hasn’t been a core search algorithm that he hasn’t been involve with intimately.  On the team, Gomes has been a key engineer and was described by Marissa Mayer, who was a former Googler, as both their “search czar” and “diplomat.”  He can communicate search development access the teams easily at the ‘plex and externally.

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