Collaborative teams do much of the work at organizations everywhere, so a research team from Google’s People Analytics group set out to determine what makes for an effective team at Google. And it turns out the how matters more than who.

The research team thought that building an effective team would be like putting together a human puzzle; you’d find a group of rock stars and just put them together, and voilá! That wasn’t the case. Teams’ effectiveness is determined mostly by how team members interact with each other, and much less by who is on the team. Psychological safety was the most important and foundational of five key dynamics that characterized effective teams. The five are, in order of importance: psychological safety, dependability, structure & clarity, meaning, and impact.

Tune in to hear from the Google researchers behind this work – Abeer Dubey, Director of People Analytics, and Julia Rozovsky, a People Analytics Manager and subject of the New York Times article – What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team.