google_logo.gif.CROP.original-originalAre you one of the people using Google’s new Gboard keyboard for iOS?  If so, are you in love with the animated GIF search feature that came along with it?  You wouldn’t be the only one if you are.  So here’s a question, why not have Google release the same type of power for anyone to use on the web?  It would make sense after all, with the popularity of the feature.  But alas, it seems that we have news that will disappoint many.  Google seems to have nothing pending when it comes to animated GIF searches on the web.

Rajan Patel, a principal engineer at Google who oversees Gboard, said that “We don’t have plans right now to do anything more with it.”

If you want to use Google to find animated GIFs, Patel suggests, users should turn to Google Images.  Just conduct a search, and after that, narrow the type to “Animated,” as explained here.

Although that’s not a bad process by any means, the images aren’t animated when you browse, and on top of that, you have to do a two-step process to get to what you need.  First search, then narrow.  With Gboard GIF search, it’s a simpler and faster one step process.

What’s interesting is that, although Google Images finds GIFs from all over the web, Gboard is restricted to partners, according to Patel.  These partners include Giphy and Riffsy.

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