Google’s Job Listings Search Is Now Open To All Job Search Sites & Developers

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Job listings are now coming to Google’s search results in a much more prominent way.  The company is also offering a formal pat for outsiders to add job listings to the new feature in Google search.

Google announced on June 20 that they are now opening up ob listings within Google search to all developers and site owners.  There is yet to be a formal name for this new job display within Google search.  But, it’s ultimately part off the overall Google for Jobs initiative that Google previewed the other month at the Google I/O conference.

Google didn’t mention how to get your job listings into the feature at the time, but now, they have published a guide to job posting structured data, which gives clear advice on what a developer would need to do in order to get job listings posted into the new Google for Jobs search feature.

There are two basic steps you need to take:

(1) Mark up your job listings with job posting structured data.
(2) Submit a sitemap (or an RSS or Atom feed) with a date for each listing.

If there are 100,000 job openings on your site, or if you’re processing 10,000 job listing changes per day, then it’s possible to use the “high change rate” feature by filling out this form.

It’s possible to validate the job search structured data with the structured data testing tool, and you can even preview the listings.  Google had promised to add a new filter to the Search Analytics report in the Google Search Console

Check out the following screen shots of the feature in web search:

Google has more technical documentation on how this works over here.

Source – Barry Schwartz

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