There is a brand new update for art-related searches that began rolling out on May 31 by Google.

In the announcement, The Google Search team has joined the Google’s Arts and Culture team in order to improve how their systems “understand and recognize” artwork, which in turn will offer more relevant results.

“When you search an artist like Gustav Klimt, you’ll see an interactive Knowledge Panel that will highlight ways you can explore on a deeper level,” writes product manager Marzia Niccolai. “Like seeing a collection of the artist’s works or even scrolling through the museums where you can view the paintings on the wall.”

Google’s search results will now include more information about the artwork and the artists, offering up details on the materials that was used to create specific pieces of art, the date of the art piece’s creation, and where it currently resides.

The latest Google update even includes a new Street View feature that doubles as a virtual museum tour guide.

“Now as you walk through the rooms of the museums on Google Maps you’ll see clear and useful annotations on the wall next to each piece,” writes Niccolai.  The feature is available on mobile and on Chrome for desktop, and allows users to click on the annotations to find more information or zoom into a high-res image of the artwork.

The following video was shared by Google, and shows how the new Street View feature works:

In order to develop the Street View feature, Google used visual recognition software to scan the walls of participating museums and categorized over 15,000 works of art.

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