Google has added a new label to the local pack results in the mobile and desktop searches.  When searching for an item, and Google knows the local store has that particular item, Google might display a label named “sold here” in the description of the local pack.  This is like the website mentions label launched in 2017 in the local pack.

As of right now, Google places a blue checkmark enclosed in the circle with the words “sold here” afterward.  This is followed by the query used when searching in Google.

Here is a screenshot of it on mobile, although it works on desktop as well.

This will bee seen in the search results if there is a local store where Google knows the product inventory and your search matches one of those items.  This is the case when doing a search for [ceiling fans] as I did in the image above.

It’s unclear how a local store gets this new label.  It could be pulling from local inventory ads feature or it may look for customer reviews, Q&A or website mentions.

This has been testing since at least since early November, but Sergey Alakov noticed the full rollout of this feature over the weekend.

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