matt-cutts-old-sites-1390915224According to a Wall Street Journal blog post, Matt Cutts, the head of search spam over at Google,  has been partaking in “private conversations” about reward sites with higher rankings in the search results that have better security.

Originally, the news came out of SMX West, but ever since the OpenSSL exploit, Heartbleed, was officially officially announced publicly, Cutts has been talking about it even more, at least internally anyway.

According to Rolfe Winkler of the Wall Street Journal,

Cutts also has spoken in private conversations of Google’s interest in making the change, according to a person familiar with the matter. The person says Google’s internal discussions about encryption are still at an early stage and any change wouldn’t happen soon.

Even though Google hasn’t commented officially on the matter, Matt Cuts had admitted during the SMX West show that he would want to see Google reward those websites that are utilizing better security.  Unfortunately, not all the people in Google agreed with Cutts.

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