matt-cutts1Can’t get enough Matt Cutts? You’re in luck today!  Matt has posted another Webmaster video, but this time, it’s a bit longer.  In this video, he answers what it is like to fight webspam at Google.

The question asked was this:

What is a day in the life of a search spam team member like? What is the evolution of decisions in terms of how they decide which aspects of the search algorithm to update? Will certain things within the algorithm never be considered for removal?

Because of the explanation, it took Matt almost eight minutes to answer the question.  Normally, most videos done by the head of Search Spam are about two to three minutes long.

When you get down to it, there are two groups of people working at Google who deal with spam.  You have the humans who manually deal with spam, and the engineers who write the algorithms that help fight spam.  Together, both sides help fight spam reactively, and proactively, respectively.

What happens is first, they try figuring out what are the patterns and trends that are happening that are exploiting loopholes within Google.  Once something is found, it’s the engineer’s turn to write up an algorithm to expose and cover the loophole.

There is certainly more to the story, so first, check out the video if you haven’t already, and you can also check out Search Engine Land for more write up on this video.

Search Engine Land: Google’s Matt Cutts On Being A Spam Fighter: Looking For Patterns & Always New Spam Efforts