matt-cutts1In a new video presented by Matt Cutts,  the question that was presented was,

What impact would two links on a page pointing to the same target, each using different anchor text, have on the flow of PageRank?

The idea behind Matt’s answer goes basically as follows:

1. According to the original PageRank document, PageRank flows to each link individually, just like any other link present on the page.

2.  Anchor text, more than likely, will vary depending on time.  When Matt checked last, back in 2009, the only thing Google did was count the anchor text form the first link.  Keep in mind though, this may not be the case anymore, as things may have changed over time.  Matt said that at this point, it may not work that way now.  In a nutshell, if you have a couple links that are included in the same page, Google in 2009 would have used the first link’s anchor text.