googleWhy does Google sometimes ignore your page title tag and write it’s own snippit title in the search results?  Well, we got ourselves an answer for that.  Google’s Matt Cutts has posted a video answer from Google Webmasters on YouTube.

In the video, Matt explains that all Google wants is for the title of the snippit to match on some level to the query of the searcher.  By doing this, the CTR on the URL will be higher, and in the end, this should end with better results for the search and the website owner.

But what are the criteria that Google uses when they come up with new title tags?  The criteria is this:

1. Something that is “relatively” short

2. Something that has a good description of the page and “ideally” the site the page is on.

3. Finally, there has to be some relevancy to the query.

If you fit these criteria, there’s a pretty good chance that Google will use your title tag.  If the title tag that you’re currently using doesn’t fit the criteria, then Google will probably use the content on your page, use the anchor text links pointing to the page, and/or finally, may very will use the Open Directory Project.

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