RankRanger’s Mord Oberstein has reported that the Google mobile search results interface has had a dramatic increase of image thumbnails that were displayed in mobile search results.

According to the data from RankRanger, there is 183 percent increase on July 13, 208, which is up from 15.7 of mobile page one search results that contain image thumbnails to 44.5 percent.  For the last several days, this trend seems to be holding.

The percentage of Google mobile search results showing image thumbnails jumped significantly on July 13 and continues to hold steady at 44.5 percent.

If you’re curious about what mobile results look like, there’s a good chance to see what they look like by searching yourself.  I did a search for [Motorcycle sales]:

The previous increase in this metric was during September 2016.  This was when the mobile image thumbnails were displaying on under 1 percent of all mobile page one search results and jumped to over 10 percent.  Now, we are seeing 45 percent of mobile search results showing mobile thumbnails for the query set RankRanger track.

For a number of years, Google tested image thumbnails in the mobile search results.  Google clearly seems to like showing them, based on the increase in which they’re being shown.

Because of the increase in image displayed on page one of mobile search results, SEOs will want to make sure that their images are marked up on your page and are clearly described in their HTML so Google could potentially display them in the mobile search results.

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