right-to-be-forgottenHave we forgotten the “Right To Be Forgotten” court ruling involving Google and the European Union? Nay, we have not.  As we know, Google been striding towards complying with the newly formed ruling earlier this month by creating a new form that would allow folks in the EU to request URLs to be taken down if they found them unfavorable.

In a post written by , we will learn some new information on how this new form will work, what happens after submission, and what type of material will get removed.  All this information you can find in Danny’s Search Engine Land post called “How Google’s New “Right To Be Forgotten” Form Works: An Explainer.”

Will something like this also affect other search engines like Bing and Yahoo?  Bing so far, has had no comment when asked if they had plans to comply with the ruling.  Also, Yahoo says that they are “carefully reviewing” the situation.

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