google-penguin-1339159429With the updates that Google has released over the last few years, is it possible that you can be affected to different degrees with them?

It appears that you can be.

Or at least, that’s the case when we look at the Penguin update.  Basically, it seems that the algorithms that Google has devised with Penguin may actually apply a different degree of impact across all sites affected by the update.

On Twitter, Matt Cutts posted a message that states that when it comes to the Penguin algorithm, there are different levels of degree.  Specifically, the tweet told somebody who had suffered from Penguin that the site owner that “you still have a very mild case of Penguin.”

Since Cutts has said in his tweet that the site owner only had a “mild” case of Penguin, it can be implied that there there are multiple degrees to which you can be affected by the algorithm.  But we may be reading too much into this as well.  Ultimately, it could just mean that he had unnatural links that needed to be worked on.

What do you think?

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