google+ reviewsReviews for brands and businesses are always going to be important for that company to be able to bring in even more customers.  Without reviews, nobody will really know if your business is good, bad, has great services or quality services and products.  The benefits that come can come from positive reviews are:

  • Increased Sales
  • A better understanding of your customers
  • Improved Rankings
  • Higher Keyword Content
  • Consumers have a voice about your business and this creates consumer loyalty
  • Reviews create consumer engagement
  • Consumers do the marketing for you
  • Reviews beget more reviews

So yes, reviews are a great thing to have happen to your business.  But it almost seems that some reviews aren’t necessarily created equal.  According to Searchmetrics’ analysis of SEO ranking factors in 2013, Google+ has been having some dang good luck by having the highest correlated effect on search rankings for Google UK.  Also, it looks like, based on a Now Digital Marketing Works 2013 study, Google+ reviews are the most important factor when it comes to what can be found in the Carousel.  I wonder why.

There is certainly more information you can check out about this situation by visiting a Search Engine Land post written by  entitled “Does Google’s Review Count Inflation Give Them An Unfair Advantage In Local Search?”  Go and check it out by following the link provided below.

Search Engine Land: Does Google’s Review Count Inflation Give Them An Unfair Advantage In Local Search?