According to Google, its infrastructure of the Search Console API is in the process of being updated and is “almost there.” The company said that there have already been some minor changes that some folks may have already noticed., and will help Google improve the API’s performance in the long run.

There are three changes that you should be aware of.

Cloud Platform
Google made some changes to the Google Cloud Platform dashboard. You’ll see an increase in the new API, and a drop in the old one.

API Key Restriction Changes
Google sad that if you have any API key restrictions set, you’ll have to change them. You will need to take action to make any changes by August 31.

Discovery Document Changes
If the API is being queried with a third-party API, or the Webmasters Discovery Document is being queried directly, it’ll have to be updated by the end of the year.

Sources – Webmaster Central Blog and Search Engine Land