Have you ever seen ads or titles that say that “You won’t believe what happens!” or “Click here to find out?” If you have, you’re going to have to drop those titles like hot potato.

Beginning in July, Google is introducing a Clickbait Ads policy as part of the Misrepresentation policy for advertisers.

“This policy covers advertisement which uses sensationalist or clickbait text or imagery which intend to drive traffic to the Ad through pressurizing the viewer to take immediate action in order to understand the full context of the Ad,” the company says of the change.

We all know the ads “which use clearly altered zoomed in body parts, mugshots, or real life accident or disaster photos to promote a product or a service; or ads which use ‘before and after’ images to promote significant alterations to the human body.” They are be notably commonplace in sponsored content recommendations.

SourceGinny Marvin